• Sombra con misterio y belleza
  • Sombra con misterio y belleza

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Medialab personal en favor del diálogo, la prosumición y la filosofía edificante centrado, principalmente, en Arte y Cultura contemporánea. Recoge destellos de un modo de vida marcado por la tecnología como signo de nuestro tiempo, el amor al arte y las resonancias ancestrales de un mundo mágico y cultual que se niega a desaparecer. Infografías, photobooks, fotos de viajes, hiperpaisajes personales y redes que muestran una visión creativa de la vida condicionada por grandes e inteligentes representantes de ese gran tesoro de la humanidad, la cultura, que tanto gratifica y dignifica.

I join with my effort to the desire of different groups that encourage creativity and seek to expand the path of tolerance and peace.

Rosario Gomez


Project alhma.com: Rosario Gómez. All rights reserved
Illustrations of the Dance section: National Dance Company (CND)
Dance Pictures: Fernando Marcos
Illustrated books issuu: Rosario Gomez
Reports and creativities: Rosario Gomez
Texts: Rosario Gómez and Agustín Pando
Thanks to the National Dance Company for allowing me to use some of their images, also to Agustín Pando for his hard work of collecting data on the beautiful Renaissance Church of Santa Ana, the first church that my eyes saw, to the museum of lead soldiers L'iter in Valencia for authorizing me to use photographs of its artistic collections and the documentation center of Aguilar del Río Alhama because I am using some photographs, taken at its headquarters, on the ruins of Clunia (Rioja). Thanks to the Reina Sofía Art Center for giving us the possibility to show photographs of their exhibitions through the "Telling the Museum" experience and all the artists that I have involved in this project for allowing their work to be included in networks that provide codes of insertion and finally to the designers of the Web.2 for allowing me to articulate a web like this one, full of beautiful illustrations and insertions of works from different networks, that help me to define an identity full of cultural concerns within the artistic world and of communication digital contemporary.

Rosario Gómez. Biography

Retrato Rosario GómezI am currently working as a hypermedia designer for the Ministry of Culture (INAEM-Compañía Nacional de Danza) and on my personal website. I made personal webs of Nacho Duato between 2002 and 2010 during his artistic direction at CND
https://alhma.com (personal web)
Licenciada en Comunicación Audiovisual en la UOC (UOC-mejor universidad on line de habla hispana del mundo).
Graduated Superior in Electronic Art and Graduated in Digital Design in the School Superior of Design ESDI (center assigned to the Ramón Llull University) _ Qualification approved with two cycles of the University Degree in Graphic Design for the Bologna plans.
Graduated in Ceramics by the National School of Ceramics of the Moncloa of Madrid.
Continuing Education:
Fundació Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Open Programs on-line "The Cult of the body in contemporary society. Introduction to the Sociology of the body and identity "(2012-2014) by Patricia Soley Beltran, 2015 essay Anagram award.
Distance University (UNED): Personal Values ​​and Happiness taught by the professor and neurosurgeon Rodríguez Delgado (Ramón y Cajal Award in 1952, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences).
Distance University (UNED): Mythology Magic and Superstitions, by Ana María Vázquez Hoys, PhD in Ancient History and professor at UNED.
Association for Contemporary Arts of Catalonia (HAC): Selected to study Experimental Art in workshops directed by Antoni Muntadas (multimedia and conceptual artist, National Prize of Plastic Arts of the Ministry of Culture 2005), Pere Noguera (performer and artist povera) and Joan Durán (engineer and experimental artist)
.-Contemporary Design Courses in several specialized centers of Madrid (School of Ceramics) and Galicia (Factory of Sargadelos-Sada).


Throughout the time I have collaborated with various specialized organizations from different professional facets: art workshop teacher, contemporary informal ceramics designer, curator of young art exhibitions, independent artist, audiovisual designer and video reporter of young art exhibitions.
Highlights: National Dance Company, Photobook Club Madrid, Saatchi Gallery (London), ESDI / Mecad (MediaLab of Art and Design, Barcelona), Center d'Art i Nature, City Council of Lleida (Lleida), University of Bellaterra in Barcelona, Museum of Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona), Espai Guinovart (Lleida), Art Públic (Barcelona), Tray (Promotion of Decorative Arts-Delegation of the World Craft Council in Spain, Barcelona), Contemporary Ballet of (Barcelona), Center of Contemporary Culture (Barcelona), Palace of the Aljafería of Zaragoza, Artespaña (National Institute of Industry), Pablo Gargallo Museum de Zaragoza, House of Cows of the Retiro de Madrid ...


Over time I have received several awards, scholarships and grants from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Industry and Energy, the EEC and various Cultural Centers of Madrid, Galicia and Catalonia to carry out my work.


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