La Dama de las Mariposas

Glamor. Iberian CyberDamas 2013


The virtual beautiful, arise as beauty prosthesis within the framework of a society that tends to exclude people, in their wealth and typological diversity from the mass media, with its proliferation of publications extolling beauty and youth.

In this infographic series the characters are immersed in abstract spaces that help define a postmodern Spanish identity and marked by glamor within the global society. They evoke futuristic ladies, who sometimes question traditional customs such as the use of the veil in Muslim countries or relate to my shadow.

Alhma_Alicia. The Lady of the Butterfly
Alhma_Yanaan. The lady of the desert
Alhma_Helián. The Lady of Flowers
Alhma_Alicia. With a voice of its own
Alhma_Amina. Lady of the Half Moon
Alhma_Delia. Words like whispers
Alhma_Celia With a sun in the heart
Alhma-Elsa and my shadow learning music
Alhma_Elsa Being a thousand wishes after you
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