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Kinetic painting

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Geometric surface and moving images altered by sentences and alphanumeric characters make up this series of kinetic paintings imbued with technological sensitivity and made with Action Script, a specific language of the internet.
This series of paintings expresses states of mind marked by repetition, rhythm and speed of reaction. The work is completed by fragmented sentences (h-sentences) that can be read with difficulty between random movements and dimensional deformations. These expressions evoke, at times, sensual and caressing states or adverse states, convulsive and full of animosity, in line with artistic-technical experimentalism.

Repetition-dissolution-loss of identity
Not of life, of one-eyed, of wounded
Not of men, Robots robots.
Mechanized robots without emotional body,
For a wrongly deserving social ascent
of one-eyed, of injured.
Not of men,
Robots robots

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