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By Rosario Gómez
The Metaphoric BodyThe aesthetic experience helps us to expand the limits to which we have circumscribed our "real world". Art works like a peripheral device that brings us new percetive approaches to return to our central issues with renewed perspectives.

This blog to is oriented to understand the body as a means of communication and symbol of sociocultural values ​​from the perspective of art in the digital age.

Con ánimo informativo, mi deseo es acotar desde la reflexión artística, distintas categorías interesantes sobre las representaciones del cuerpo en nuestro tiempo, destacan los apartados sobre El cuerpo y la tecnología con sus nuevos modelos de relación y la sexuación. El apartado del culto al cuerpo está enfocado desde una visión de mercado que incluye consideraciones sociológicas en torno a la moda.

Diversas visiones históricas y consideraciones de varios autores especializados, serán el hilo conductor de este recorrido, en el que puntualmente añado breves consideraciones personales. Mi sello queda reflejado principalmente en la selección de artistas y teorías o ideas de las que deseo hacerme eco.

I present the work as a collage, a text understood as Barthes, in which the main task has been the selection and reordering of different materials for make it fit the subject, for this I use an extensive reading of doctoral theses, books, magazines, catalogs of artists and opinion articles that are being reflected in the literature. I use the pinterest network to illustrate aspects of the blog and some photographs, protected by the protection laws of research works. (The pinterest network facilitates a freedom in the use of illustrations in another unthinkable time, however, it does not allow rearranging the pine images, so that a certain chaos can be seen in some panels that intend to give a general view on a specific topic).
This blog is informative, does not keep lucrative.

I hope to continue expanding content over time with new original works and other topics of interest. RG

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