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Leon Ferrari. Rereadings of the BibleRosario Gómez for the restoration of eroticism
If you are a woman, seduce a man worthwhile, who fecundates your ideas and not just your guts. Catch it with words, with looks, with essence. Do not just offer sex, offer life. @nochedeletras
This chapter on sexuation, aims to give a polyhedral view of the sexual conception of our time and sex as a symptom through the thought and research of some contemporary theorists of different tendencies: Octavio Paz, Georges Feuerstein, Albert Ellis, Manis Friedman , Drew Leder, Abraham Maslow, Eric Fromm, Morris Berman, Matthew Fox, Jules Henry, Michael Onfray ...

The Cult of the Goddess


By Rosario GómezImage of a prehistoric goddess

They are accepted by the historiography the beliefs that defend that during the paleolithic, the cult to the Mother Goddess was normative, the sexuality was related to the rites of fecundity of the nature, the sacred intercourse was the hierogramia, the marriage of the gods in favor of fertility. Several authors agree that during this period, equality between the sexes is justified by several indications. The male was not aware of his participation in human reproduction to which a mysterious origin was attributed.

Neolithic times and settlements brought great changes in the destinies of humanity and once man's participation in the dynamics of reproduction was assumed, he began to impose his criteria. It is said that it was the Hindu nomadic shepherds who imposed the phallic spirit that, in its long evolution, would banish the old gynaelatric rites, other theories suggest that it was in Mesopotamia that this type of change began to take place.

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Sexuality in Prehistory

By Rosario Gómez
In lower lines, I echo the discoveries that the Atapuerca Foundation has published about the so-called Sex of Stone and some considerations of the Doctor in philosophy Georges Feuerstein.
From the oldest sculptures such as the Venus of Willendorf, the representations of sexual relations of the Hindu temples of Suria and Kahjuraho, to the discovered murals of the ruins of Pompeii, which highlight an infinity of erotic scenes, from Giovanni Boccacio and Bernini to violence Sade's eroticism, human sexuality has continually been imposed, confronting the repressed sexual energy. In ancient societies multiple representations of explicit sex are appreciated, which far from causing shame and scandal, were signs of power and admiration. Already during the Paleolithic we find images of penises and vulvas strongly linked to fertility and procreation. Between the 9000 and the 7000 BC the first copulation represented: the stone of Ain Sakhri, found in the Judean desert.

The Myth of Human Androginia

Androgyny expresses the coexistence of opposites within the divine biunity

Extracts from Treaty of the History of Religions by Mircea Eliade

Arcana Androginia(Introduction to abstract ephemeral sculpture titled Arcana Androginia and made in a large field of corn).
The mythical and religious thought, before expressing the concept of the divine biunity in metaphysical or theological terms, expressed it in biological terms (bisexuality).

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Sacred Prostitution

Hierodule Abstract Ephemeral SculptureBy Rosario Gómez
Extract of several articles published in various blogs, whose objective is to provide reference sources on the subject and a brief introduction to my ephemeral art work entitled Hierodule, an abstraction on the theme made at the door of a Christian Church.
In Greece, in classical antiquity, there were prostitutes, people knew hospital prostitution, granting women to the passing guest, who had mystical reasons and sacred prostitution, destined to liberate the mysterious powers of fertilization for the benefit of the community. Herodotus, informs that in the s. Goes. Every woman in Babylon had to give herself for once in her life to a foreign man in the temple of Militta for the price of a coin she gave to the temple treasury, after which she returned home to live chastity. Luciano in the second century, BC, also describes the same rite, but this time in the city of Byblos in Lebanon, in a temple of Astarte.
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