Nud. Delta frequency. 1996-97


Nud. Delta frequencyNud. Delta frequency, arises as a complaint for the disappearance of the territory of the Ebro Delta due to lack of sediments. In this project the Delta del ebro representa a spiritual entity that evokes the Egyptian goddess Nut by the sense of nocturnal and Mediterranean character.
From an infrared map, I condition the territory with a poetic of religious anthropology, turning it into a feminine nourishing deity that is related to the idea of ​​silence, territory, spirituality and nutrition. The Delta is a very important area of ​​rice production. Nud is imbued with the cultural tradition of ancient pre-Roman Hispania.

I associate the triangular shape of the Delta territory with the symbolic meaning of femininity that comes to us from prehistory and the shape of the sacral bone of the human organism. A central idea of ​​this work is the metaphor of women as territory, crossed by a river of silence. The cosmic context and the passable public space coexist in Nud. The conscious and unconscious activity interrelate ... (Narration illustrated in preparation).

Sense of marrow, water that transgresses the limit.
The ocean penetrates you with the smell of salt,
the night of Orion and satellites in your hair.
A river of resonances of hidden magicians flows into your channel
where the brain joins with the articulated column.
The vacuum transmits your delta frequency,
sediment creep day by day towards the infrared triangle
in the silence,
all the desire to achieve the renewed traits
of a magical identity that, even today,
It belongs to us...
[alhma] *



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