Analía Downloaded Paths. 1995

Analía Downloaded Paths It is a Land Art work done in Cabretón (Rioja) in 1995. It illustrates an action to overcome feelings of affliction and depression, an identification of the state of mind with the nature of romanticism.

Through corn, I wanted to link the daily nutritive experience with the medium from which the food emerged, that is why on this occasion, I went to a small town in La Rioja, there they offered me hospitality and a field of corn, added all this with a good dose of cordiality.

The field, of 25 meters long, had a teardrop shape. I decided to introduce myself by cutting down reeds in various directions to form 3 narrow streets that spoke of fighting against misogyny and discouragement. The night, the wind and the cold accompanied me in the middle of December, the snow arrived to bring beauty to this work forming a cold white carpet. I used to warm up in a small bonfire where corn pods burned. A cane door arose to keep up with the bad winds and the forces that attack the subtle feelings.

The inhabitants of these places are people without uprooting, still very close to the cycles of nature and imbued with the feeling of family clan, always well disposed for any celebration when the occasion requires it.

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