Chrysalis Book of Ex-votos


This exhibition was made for the Transit-Art hall of Barcelona EN 1994, at that time this room was constituted as an artists' cooperative. On the ground floor there are still remains of a medieval house.

This page shows a part of the installation: "CRISALIDAS" which consists of three moments that reflect a Orante, Oferente and Silente activity. These are attitudes that have gone through the history of the spiritual world and that in my work are based on attitudes related to yoga.

SILENT The work talks about an activity of silence in twilight, in relation to the forces of intuition, virginity, dream and imagination. Silence is understood here as a founding activity, dislocating discourses, the language itself is questioned. This concept of Silence, arises in the bosom of French feminism of thinkers like Luce Irigaray or Ana Kristeva.

OFFERER It is a work located in a medieval well that questions the symbolism of salt and infertility (volcanic lava as infertile land). The transformation of the chrysalis releases water and the infertile stone participates in a small process of dissolution of the salt - a symbol of unbreakable friendship and a purifying and preventive element of corruption.

This work is dedicated to the Canadian psychoanalyst Marion Woodman, oriented to women and exponent of the Jungian school. I read in your book Fertile Virginity, a book that helped me uncover new secrets of my femininity. I include a link to a interview, English subtitles, in the wake of his book Dancing in flames, When I was suffering from a cancer of the uterus that apparently passed in two years.

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