Videos Advertising and Interactive Technology

Consumption experiences made with advanced technology

Within the Culture and Technology section we find this subsection on Advertising and Technology that shows a selection of youtube videos. The investigations of some teams that do not stop enthusing us with their contributions to the audiovisual design are exciting. Interactivity is imposed in our environment with virtual clothing fashion testers facilitated by different computer software that provide a customizable public interface, you can change the ambient lights in glasses places to deposit your cup in sensitive areas, select the product we want to buy for eat with stimulating programs that incite us etc. You can also see ads developed with high-tech 3d like Coca-Cola. It's a really suggestive section that tells us about a Future Present soon exceeded. In short, interesting examples of commercial developments in favor of technology at the service of the client.


Abstraction of a Snail that presents my networks in Prezi

In the end, the network, which overcomes the classic concept of the nation, makes it easier for me to build with the other instead of facing the other. Professor Daniel Innerarity says that the process of civilization is possibly no more than a creation of denser meshes and networks.

This section talks about my cultural concerns. The imaginary snail presents my work in different networks with the animated prezi system. It focuses on photographic subjects, reports and other issues of cultural interest. Once loaded the program you can move following the indicators
To browse programs with mobile devices that do not support flash, you can use the app FlashBox.


In the lower part I show a mosaic in which a set of excellent programs are incorporated from Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and Scoop it mainly. These are attractive projects selected for their artistic or informative interest that speak of the cultural context of our time and some of my cultural concerns about contemporary creativity.

Culture and Technology

In this section you can access various items that relate culture to technology from the territories of dance, science, advertising, theater ... it is a very interesting section that gathers news about the experiments of a future present increasingly more technologically Great research teams contribute their creations to advance on the prevailing compositional stereotypes opening our perception to new dimensions that fascinate for their spectacularity and effect and help us to develop a technological sensitivity and new mechanisms of adaptation to the rapid evolution of our time.

Children's illustrations

Panels on some of the best insights that I have found in the Pinterest network, its attractions are endless. This is one of my favorite panels because of its great imagination and the creation of endearing or enigmatic characters. Illustrations full of color and imagination, some made with a great mastery that are full of those emotions that seem to return us to the world of childhood, with characters that inhabit dimensions of life full of mystery, tenderness and fantasy.

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